Outdoor Wanderings: “The Stowaways!”

Well, what started as a last minute day off, scouting for a new bass fishing spot.. Turned into.. A couple of stowaway ducklings?!

this was where we found them

at first we just figured the mother went “out for a minute”

top water heaven
So after me giggling like a 4 year old about how cute they were, we launched the boat and took off in search of monster bass.

but we didnt get too far..

before we heard these faint cries and saw them

they followed us everywhere and tucked themselves under the side of the boat crying

we caught quite a few fish while we wondered what was going on with the new found stowaways

but no matter where we fished, as soon as they lost sight of us theyd cry and swim as fast as they could after the boat

later in the afternoon the wind picked up and the lightning started so we pulled the boat out

anddddd they followed.

they napped at our feet while we loaded our things.

At that point we realized there was something weird about these ducks. Even if a mother duck left them they wouldn’t be so attached to humans, plus they aren’t identical like the majority of wild animals. So I called around. I then spoke to a few water fowl rescues and sent them photos which confirmed our suspicions.

they arent wild at all!
They said the ducklings must have been someone’s pets they had abandoned there thinking they’d live. According to the rescue they are only a few days old and would’ve died because they are domestic. She knew exactly what type of ducklings they were. So we took them home with us for the night.

It was quite interesting since they’d cry when you walked away, but as soon as you came back in the room And looked at them they’d sit. And fall asleep!

hanging out in the yard

The next morning we drove them to a waterfowl rescue Where they will happily be living out the rest of their days on a farm

goodbye little ones! we will come visit you

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