Month: November 2016

PHWFF: Nov 9, 2016 – Harry’s BWO Dry Fly

Our November 9th PHWFF New City, New York meeting was lead by Harry who took over our Fly Tying for the evening and taught our participants his BWO Dry Fly. This step-by-step I have put together to help aide in those who are tying at home after meetings, It may be little different from what you were taught that night.

I have done my best to tie this in Harry’s style and all instructions will be word for word from his pattern, (with a few of my comments) to help match up with what you took in that evening, in way of his techniques.

Just keep in mind that even though I am tying this fly based on his instructions in the way he taught you that night; all individual tyers have different techniques.

Me and Harry teach our dry fly techniques different and have different styles, which is why every few months when we switch who teaches the pattern for the evening, you are actually expanding your knowledge. Its great to learn from different tyers!

So here we go!

Book Review: “Caddisflies – A Guide to Eastern Species for Anglers and other Naturalists”

For some of us the idea of expanding our knowledge is so great that it trumps everything else in the world, and this book is one of those must have in your library.

I’ve heard once or twice when I recommended this book to someone “what? but isn’t that too much information? maybe it’s a little bit overkill? How could somebody write such a huge book about something as little as caddisflies?”

and then… They opened it up 😍

An afternoon of fishing with a favorite caddis pattern and a book that you won’t want to miss out on!

But either way you look at it when, a caddis decides to head out on a behavioral drift with his buddies, or comes out of their case to start that rise to the surface.. they make quite the meal for a trout.

Fly Tying Q & A: How to wrap a turkey biot with troubleshooting

Biots are a great material to use but some of the issues you can have when trying to acheive the segmentation may not be due to tying it in wrong, its a matter of different techniques.
Tthis is where you are once again going to find out if you are a “flat around the hook Tyer” or a “wrap over your material Tyer.”

I’ll be honest with you it doesn’t mean either way is right or wrong, a lot of it is just the technique you have been taught, whether you are self taught or were taught from someone else. But if you cant correct it you just adjust your tie in.

Book Review: “The Mountain Story”

This book is not told as the events happen, this book is told by the main character “Wolf “who has decided he can no longer keep secret anymore, the story of what happened up on the mountain and decides to write it down for his son to read.

This book reminds you just how little you know of another person and what is going on in their life. How put together somebody may seem on the outside has nothing to do with what is going on on the inside. And is one of those that you will re read later on so to get a better grip of what just went on in the pages when it was all over; and you sat there saying to yourself… “Holy crap.”

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