Arts of the Angler: Nov 5th and 6th, 2016

As always, Arts of the Angler hosted by the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum was a great success! Especially with all of the knowledgeable and talented fly tyers around the room who are there to demonstrate, teach and discuss.

…And once again I find myself fighting to stay behind my table! 😂😂

My fly tying scrap bins I had for sale
I split a table with my friend Mike Romanowski

Even though I have been fishing since I was 3, I have only been tying flies for about 4 years, and no matter how long I do this, the urge to expand my knowledge will only get greater.

So for me to be able to share a table with another Tyer is always awesome. There’s much in the way of material discussions, techniques and history, along with a lot of laughing and thread breaking 😂😂

Some very interesting may fly hook given to me by Mike which I will be experimenting with soon!
Guild member Keith stopped over and gave us some awesome new bodkins he whipped up!

When I finally snuck away from my table to wander the show I got to spend some time learning and taking notes along with flipping through the pages of some very interesting history!

What you are seeing here below are the fishing diaries of John J. Levenson, The pages in these diaries are filled with photographs, notes, dates and places of the fishing travels of Mr. Levenson.

So awesome!
These pages were full of photos and notes!

Another highlight of the show for me was getting to see once again William Anderson tying flymphs!

There is so much history in these types of flies, and with my love of tying with soft hackle material I couldn’t pass up a chance to watch him tie again. My techniques need much more improvement and it was very informative.

spun body cards

I took in quite a bit of information, in the little bit of time that I had on the “other side” of the table. And while it is always rewarding to be a part of helping others work on their techniques, and to hear how my step-by-step’s or presentations have greatly helped tyers get over problems that they were having behind the vice, for me I will always enjoy being on the other side of the table when I can.

I love Asking questions, taking notes and being able to ask other tyers for tips or suggestions on something I am trying to learn to do better.

There should never be any shame in saying you don’t know something, or that you need help, and this is why, when you can attend these shows its worth it, it is a never ending circle of give-and-take education.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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