Book reviews

I have yet to meet a fly tyer that doesn’t enjoy reading in some way or another. On the other hand, I HAVE met tyers who hated to read until they started tying. Which is something that I tell many people will happen. People who absolutely detest the idea of sitting down with  book and “wasting time”see an immediate change when the subject is relevant to their life.

“Find something that interests you and get a book on the subject. It will change your outlook in more ways than one.”

In a world which is on “internet auto pilot” when it comes to finding out information in the blink of an eye; many of us are still old enough to remember when you had to go to the library to find out what you wanted to know. And you sure as hell didn’t use the computer to locate that book! You went to the card catalog, did a search and flipped through those index cards by hand; wrote down that call number and off you went! From there you wandered down the aisles of knowledge that rose up on either side of you, and if you were a book worm like me; there was no better feeling. To know that you were on a quest for knowledge. I still get like this, and its something that will never change.  I read a vast array of topics and some of which I found interesting I would like to share with you here. Click on the link in the photo to be taken to the book review.

General Non-Fiction

The Triumph Of Seeds
The Triumph Of Seeds
Winter World
Winter World


Fly Tying/Fishing




Free Men
Free Men

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